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Center at a glance

Goals, Plans, Vision, and Mission of the research center


We intend to be the most credible and reliable diabetes research center and become the primary center for studying diabetes in the country, enjoying the knowledge of the academic staff and researchers (basic sciences, genetics, cellular and molecular immunology). in line with this purpose, we aim to implement the cutting edge technology in accordance with national and international standards. therefore, we plan to take steps toward growth and prosperity of studies in diabetes in Islamic Iran by designing and undertaking authentic studies based on  qualitative indicators and standards while observing the ethical and religious standards in conducting projects, and focus our activities on improving the quality of healthcare in the region, increasing awareness and promoting community health and the quality of life for diabetic patients and also pave the way for our staff, students, professors and researchers to thrive and make it possible for them to be creative.



Diabetes Research Center of Mazandaran as the only center of its type in the province which serves the strategic plan of  the deputy of research and technology intends to be active in improving the quality of healthcare in the region, increasing awareness and promoting community health by enjoying the contribution of outstanding professors in different fields, religious and dedicated researchers and having access to necessary diagnostic and treatment facilities in corresponding centers. In addition to encouraging researchers to carry out fundamental, clinical and epidemiologic studies in accordance to the needs of the province, we are determined to pave the way for the scientific success of the university in national and international academic communities.



  • Developing and implementing human knowledge concerning diabetes
  • Conducting fundamental, epidemiologic and clinical studies to reform the system of providing healthcare services in the country in order to meet the requirements of the Islamic community
  • Collecting, editing and categorizing related documents and essays and publishing them
  • Training human resources for researching diabetes.
  • Motivating, encouraging and employing researchers.
  • Trying to win the attention and contribution of corresponding research and executive centers within the country
  • Academic cooperation with research and educational centers in other countries, and also international organizations while observing the rules and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Ongoing Activities

  • Registration of type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes
  • Cohort (a part of the Cohort Persian master plan)
  • 29 research studies in progress


Ethics of the Study

  • Acceptance of the subject study by the population and the high priority of the study for the target population
  • Observing neutrality and avoiding bias by researchers and including the information that is not necessarily in line with their views.
  • Observing the stakeholders' interests throughout all stages of the study. 
  • No exclusive use of methods which align with the researcher's demands.
  • Careful utilization of the budget, facilities and lab equipment.
  • Doing studies on human subjects in accordance with accepted scientific principles, and based on up to date knowledge a comprehensive review of all available scientific resources and laboratory experiments. 
  • Taking the necessary measures for helping the subject in case it's needed and in emergencies that occur during double-blind clinical trials in which the subject is not aware of the pharmaceutical or interventional nature of the prescribed medication for them. 
  • Obtaining free and informed consent for studies on human subjects.
  • Being truthful while analyzing the results and not distorting the findings to align them with the researcher's demands.
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of the subjects.
  • Publishing the results in plain language so that they can be used by all the related people involved.
  • Providing access to the results for people in charge of different levels of clearance.